Credit Game Receivership

Receiver’s Update

On Friday June 17th, the Court held a hearing on the FTC’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction. The Court received deposition transcripts from the FTC and the Defendants as part of their arguments to the Court. Also at the hearing, the Court heard argument regarding the Defendants’ request to modify the asset freeze to access funds to pay their attorneys. Defendants’ request [Doc. 51] and the FTC’s opposition [Doc. 56] can be found under the Court Filings tab. Both of these motions are still pending.

Also at the hearing, the Court encouraged the Parties to schedule and conduct a settlement conference. To that end, the FTC and the Defendants submitted a proposed schedule for that process which will culminate in a settlement conference with a magistrate judge in mid to late July. [Doc. 60]

The Receiver is well aware that many customers have questions and concerns about if and when they may receive any monies from their purchases from the Defendants. However, this case is still in its infancy, so it would be premature to be able to answer these types of questions.

The Receiver would encourage those with an interest in the case to read the Receiver’s First Interim Report (filed June 13, 2022) by clicking this link. Also, you may register under the Registration tab so that the Receiver has your current contact information.